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American Marxism

By Mark R. Levin

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The seven-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, Fox News star, and radio host Mark R. Levin explains how the dangers he warned against in the “timely yet timeless” (David Limbaugh, author of Jesus Is Risen) bestseller Liberty and Tyranny have come to pass.

In 2009, Mark R. Levin galvanized conservatives with his unforgettable manifesto Liberty and Tyranny, by providing a philosophical, historical, and practical framework for halting the liberal assault on Constitution-based values. That book was about standing at the precipice of progressivism’s threat to our freedom and now, over a decade later, we’re fully over that precipice and paying the price.

In American Marxism, Levin explains how the core elements of Marxist ideology are now pervasive in American society and culture—from our schools, the press, and corporations, to Hollywood, the Democratic Party, and the Biden presidency—and how it is often cloaked in deceptive labels like “progressivism,” “democratic socialism,” “social activism,” and more. With his characteristic trenchant analysis, Levin digs into the psychology and tactics of these movements, the widespread brainwashing of students, the anti-American purposes of Critical Race Theory and the Green New Deal, and the escalation of repression and censorship to silence opposing voices and enforce conformity. Levin exposes many of the institutions, intellectuals, scholars, and activists who are leading this revolution, and provides us with some answers and ideas on how to confront them.

As Levin writes: “The counter-revolution to the American Revolution is in full force. And it can no longer be dismissed or ignored for it is devouring our society and culture, swirling around our everyday lives, and ubiquitous in our politics, schools, media, and entertainment.” And, like before, Levin seeks to rally the American people to defend their liberty.


  • American Marxist Democrats will be defeated

    By speedy497
    Great book with lots of facts. I have the hardcover. The final chapters have excellent ideas of how each of us can take back America from big government statists that do not value personal freedom, Christian Judeo values, and America as founded by the Constitution ; not the hate America ….let’s do away with it and be like nations with less freedom…. All of the other nations!
  • We don’t have the time for this, we need to take action now

    By ERS.Terry
    I bought Mark Levine’s book, on Marxism in America. I thought it was a huge waste of time to read what everyone on the Right is saying or has said over and over. I don’t know what I expected, maybe some sort of ‘real’ plan or the best road to take…but no. Go to PTA meetings, go to city board meetings, vote, etc. Why do I need a book to tell me that? Plus! How long is all that going to take? The Left is moving like an out of control freight train, weaponizing everything as they go. I think our comeback Revolution will need to be something more; one on one. Go after them individually because going after the organization(s) they’ve created would be very difficult, at best. You shake a few of these individuals to their core and they will tumble faster than a fat boy on a see-saw...that’s what I’ve been trying to figure out for months. Go after them individually.
  • Need to know

    By the other richie
    Most of us need to read these quotes as we need the information and history, Marxism is deeper than we knew. Richie
  • Important Read for everyone.

    By 79831121222
    A truly informative read for anyone concerned about the direction the United Statess is heading.
  • American Marxism

    By maga gk
    Loved this book. Prescriptive, rather than the normal recitation of what’s going wrong. This book coaches reader on how to undermine the un-useful idiots otherwise known as blind leading blind Democrats and RINOs (who are actually more destructive than the un-useful idiot Dems). Well done Mr. Levin!
  • Garbage

    By Daveindiego
    Are you kidding me?
  • If you dont like this book, you’re probably who Mark is talking about

    By Matthewg28
    Only about half way through the book thus far and have throughly enjoyed it. Learning about the origins of CRT is really incredible. Its truly a deprived mindset. For those who gave this a one star, I would argue you are the very kind of person who this book is addressing. This book exposes the inadequacies of Marxism and shines a light on the evil influences the American Marxist has taken. Lot’s of quotes bother you? I’m sorry if quoting those who are the brains behind the movement offend you. Maybe Dr. Suess is more your speed? If you deeply care about restoring and furthering the cause of liberty and Republicanism, this is the book for you. Get the intellectual backing before you take the fight to the Marxist. Yes, they will dismiss you as boring, old, racist, dumb, etc. But take heart, we are in the soldiers for the cause and Levin is the General. Let’s fight with our ideas, but our ideas are better!
  • To The 1-Star Evaluators

    By olopo2h
    Did you even read the book? Citizens of Heaven? A term that a progressive would come up with especially when they don’t even believe in God, yet alone heaven. Useless to dribble. So I’m giving you guys a 1-star for your efforts,
  • A joke

    By Claude Stanley
    there is really so much i would like to say about this book, and its author, but i will only say this. on his radio show, a plurality of which is currently occupied by Levin shamelessly hawking this book, he actually has the nerve to mention "American Marxism" in the same breath as Thomas Paine. i urge you to seek out Paine's work, especially "Common Sense," the pamphlet from 1776 which helped to shape our very nation. (tellingly, Levin sometimes refers to this book as a "pamphlet." this is quite fitting, because if you discount the endless quotes which pad this book, the leftovers do in fact resemble a polemic, demagogic, nonsensical pamphlet.) read "Common Sense," as i just did, and compare it to Levin's book. one is insightful, original, sharp, witty, powerful, and shines with the light of truth nearly 250 years later. the other is lazily-written, copy/pasted, fearmongering pablum designed to generate profit from scared, stupid white people. there is nothing more to be said.
  • Amazing read!

    By Buckeye Spa
    I’m not a big reader, and I can’t put this book down. It is so educational, eye opening and scary. Everyone should read this to understand the socialist Democrat party today before it’s too late.